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Nu-Skin Products for facial services.
Our Signature facial with Lumi Spa Deep Cleansing with out any damaged skin

Elevate Signature Facial

Anti-Aging Lifting Facial

Acupressure ageLOC Facial 

What is Acupressure Facial

Using Medium to Heavy pressure Combine Shiatsu and  Acupressure technique using that will helps in skin rejuvenation and stimulates blood circulation, brighter skin tone, tightening and lifting effects just one time treatment. 
You might feel a little bit of uncomfortable pressures feeling during a treatment depending on customer's.
Facial acupressure helps to manipulate the skin by deep tissue message. Facial acupressure helps to stimulate skin muscles and fibers which boost up the collagen production. Collagen helps to keep the skin wrinkle free, firm and soft.  Acupressure Face Massage.  Regular practice of acupressure helps to keep you away from cold, congestion and sinus pressures, headache etc. 
Also it is useful to reduce joint pain and muscle tension around the jar area.


+ Nu-Skin Face Lift Mask

+ 24K Gold Lift Mask

+Add-on 30 Min DE-Stress Relaxation Treatment  - $40 
+ With facial only +
Removal of dry flaky from the surface with body exfoliation with An anti-stress uses effective relaxation techniques and soothing essential oils to offer indulgent stress relief with body wrap.
Nourishing oils soften the skin and relax your mind bringing you back into harmonious balance with helping DE-Stress and Insomnia. 

  • Enjoy smoother skin & Reduce stress
  • Allow your moisturizer to work better
  • Help DE-Stress and insomnia